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Extended DISC Workshops Now Available

Offering Two Extended DISC Workshop Options A Half Day Introduction to Extended DISC: How to Create a Shared Understanding and Enhance Communication Between Individuals and Within Teams: Half-Day Workshop: duration 4 hours Workshop can be delivered to up to 30 people Cost $199 per person plus GST or $1100 plus GST for 6 – 15 Read More

De-motivation and Procrastination: 2 Pre Exercise Companions We Don’t Want!

This is an article I wrote for my local gym. A little different from my normal posts, but still related to leading self and wellbeing. Do you plan to exercise and always follow through? Do you always eat the right things, drink the right things, do the right things? If you answered yes, no need to Read More

Women in Leadership Online Course Ready for Sign Up

I’m very excited announce that our Women in Leadership Course is finally live. I’m so proud that it’s different to most leadership programs in that it’s practical, personal and applicable to both leadership at work and in life. This pic is of the front page at log in and gives an idea of the content via the Read More

How to Cope with a Bad Boss in a Dysfunctional Culture

When this happens it has a tremendous impact on a person’s engagement at work and also on their wellbeing and I have noticed it come up again and again in a range of contexts. It’s the double whammy that causes the problem I think – a great boss in a poor culture is often fine Read More

How to Define What You Stand for As A Leader

in this 5 minute video

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