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10 Tips to beat procrastination and get moving!

This works for me – I trust it will work for you too

What are you doing at the moment that is stopping you from doing what you ought to be doing and what you are avoiding. Do you find yourself constantly checking and answering emails, checking facebook and linkedin, popping for a coffee or a chat with a colleague…anything but the thing that you know you need to do?

  1. Whatever it is you are doing to avoid the task you need to do – stop doing it right now!
  2. Turn off the TV, email, radio, facebook, linkedin,
  3. Sit for a few moments and do nothing – really be in the present moment
  4. Now, think back to a specific time when you felt really productive in the past – you were firing on all cylinders –there was no stopping you! Close your eyes and take yourself back there – see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel the feelings that you felt. Feel where they are in your body – really focus on that.
  5. Open your eyes, keep the feeling right there where it is in your body and think of one small thing – possibly even a tiny thing that you can do to move you towards the thing you want to do and do it
  6. Think of the next small thing and do that as well. You have now begun to move towards your goal…momentum is everything.
  7. Now think forward to one minute past the completion of your task and imagine how great it will feel when you are there  – what a sense of satisfaction you will have! Think how you will celebrate – now that you can see the outcome being completed.
  8. Call someone and tell them what you are going to do.
  9. Complete the task you want to do.
  10. Acknowledge yourself, tell people and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!!

Congratulations – how fantastic does that feel? Take a few moments to really enjoy that feeling and know that you now have a new tool you can use any time.

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