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4 Tips to foster Health and Wellbeing Within your Organization and your Team

When we have optimum health, wellness and well-being we:

  • Have a purpose in life both broadly and within the activities that we do in our daily lives.
  • Strive to ensure our physical health is the best it can be given our individual circumstances. We are proactive about our physical health.
  • Are as fit as we can be given our individual circumstances.
  • Have energy and use it resourcefully.
  • Are engaged in activities that are meaningful for us in the mind, body and spirit.
  • Have choices and create opportunities to reach our full potential – we regularly accomplish things that have meaning for us.
  • Have meaningful relationships with others.
  • Contribute to our family, our workplace,  our community and to society.

Here are a few tips to help you team move towards this within the workplace context:

  1. Show that you value health and wellbeing by modelling it yourself in the things you say and do.
  2. Provide opportunities and permission for people to reenergise through physical activities during the work day – ideas include a lunch time group run or walk, a visit to the gym or a once a week or a ‘use the stairs’ day. I’m sure you will come up with many more than that and make sure that you create a range of different opportunities that all of the team can participate in at some level should they choose to.
  3. Find opportunities to regularly and consistently remind people about the bigger picture of what the organisation or team is working towards and why. Make sure your team members know how they contribute to the bigger picture by regularly acknowledging each person’s contribution and that of the team. Let them know the specific impact of what they do has on the organisation and team achieving its broader goals.
  4. Have regular conversations with each member of your team. Ask the how meaningful they are finding their work and do they feel as though they are consistently accomplishing things and contributing. Get them to score themselves out of 10 on this. If they score themselves less than a 7, this is an indication that it’s time to talk about how you can assist them to create more meaning and stretch themselves so that they score a 10 when they think of what they have accomplished and how they have contributed.
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