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6 Ways to Foster Engagement and Wellbeing Through Person Centred Leadership

Connecting with those we work with underpins person centredness and Person Centred Leadership. Only through connection can we seek to understand, work with, collaborate, enable others to participate and include and motivate others. Through feeling a sense of connection people are more likely to feel valued and engaged.

If people experience all of these things, their sense of wellbeing will be positively impacted. Have a look at some of the ideas below on connecting with others. It’s not an exhaustive list so please add your strategies in the comments section.

And remember these strategies can be applied both with your team and also with clients and even family.

  1. Be genuinely curious about peoples’ wellbeing. Learn about them – their interests and family, remember what you learn and check in with them often.
  2. Create the opportunity for social contact within the team – and go along as well.
  3. Find out the long term goals and aspirations that people have.
  4. Make sure that the people you influence spend time doing things they are good at and give feedback – help people grow though your connection towards where they want to be in the future.
  5. Recognise and celebrate good work.
  6. …and finally –be mindful of making assumptions, always seek to understand


And the best bit is that fostering regular connection with others will enhance your feeling of wellbeing too.

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