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7 powerful questions to ask yourself when you are stuck

Create a good amount of time and a quiet space. Make sure you have pen and paper.

Imagine that you can wave a magic wand and what you want to achieve is done. Describe how it will be. Describe it in technicolour detail – how does it look, how does it feel? What are you telling yourself? What are you hearing, what smells are you smelling? Who is there and what are they saying?

Now ask yourself the following questions. Take your time and really think about the answers. Write them down if that will help you.

  1. For what purpose do you want this?
  2. What is missing between your vision and where you are now?
  3. To get there how do you need to think differently?
  4. To get there what do you need to believe?
  5. To get there what do you need to stop doing?
  6. To get there what do you need to start doing?
  7. How will you celebrate when it is done? Think BIG.

Now…take action 🙂

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