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7 Steps to Harness a Light Bulb Moment

Have you ever had a light bulb moment that has gone nowhere?

As a coach it is easy to help people to experience an aha moment. These are moments that make us feel so great and excited. We feel like we can achieve anything.

Unless this moment is harnessed however, and followed up with more personal work around goal setting and action planning and doing, the moment remains just that as it recedes quickly into the past.

So what can you do if you have experienced this and don’t have a coach to help you?

You can also help yourself. Some or all of the following might work for you.

  1. Make it real. An aha moment is often a feeling and making it more concrete will, well, make it more concrete. Create or do something that helps you describe how it will be, look, sound and feel. Importantly include, in detail,  why you want to achieve it. Try a vision board, write in your journal about it, write a poem, talk to other people…
  2. Pretend you are already there and back track in your mind through the things you had to do to get there. Capture these somehow starting with the final thing and ending with the first thing. Again use a vision board, project plan, spreadsheet, list… Use a method that you are familiar with. It doesn’t have to be a complicated plan.
  3. Tell someone – find an accountability buddy.
  4. Find a mentor who has already achieved something similar and ask for support.
  5. Do the first thing and then the next thing. Repeat.
  6. Don’t get de-railed by stuff that goes wrong or by slow progress. Keep looking back at the work you did in number 1 on  the what and the why. As long as you are moving in a general forward direction, no matter how slowly, you are moving forward.
  7. Don’t be afraid to change direction if you assess that what you are doing it is not working, or where you are headed is no longer where you want to end up. Reconnect with your ‘why’ and learn from your mistakes. Here is where a mentor is invaluable.
  8. And finally, trust yourself, you are enough. Sometimes when we are facing the unfamiliar, the difficult or the seemingly impossible to achieve, it’s important to remind ourselves of our past successes and how we achieved them as well as how we we have overcome and learned from previous failures. Trust your experience knowledge and instincts. Rather than think ‘what if?’, think ‘what now?’


If you would like to check out if coaching is right for you, give me a call or shoot me a mail and we can make a time for a brief chat. No obligation 🙂



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