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7 Tips on becoming more Person Centred in life and work

Being person centred is not a skill that you use when you get to work and turn off when you get home. It is a way of life and a way of being and I believe it leads to a greater sense of wellbeing too. So how do we become more person centred and for many of us, how do we recognise that we are?

Tip 1 Know yourself

For me, person centredness lies in knowing my own values or principles and living by them. We can often identify what these are when we consider the things that push our buttons, when we feel a sense of discomfort about our own or other people’s actions and when we feel a sense of comfort and peace. Our values act like a compass and keep us on track through life. If we pay attention to these feelings we can identify what our values are. This makes it easier to live by them and stand up for them.

Tip 2 Find out about other people

Our values then, are the things that are important to us, so find out what is important to others, what has meaning for them. Knowing and understanding others, as well as being super interesting, leads to better communication, appreciation and respect.

We can do this by asking questions and truly listening, without interrupting and without thinking of how we are going to respond. It has been said that rather than listening we are often waiting for our turn to speak – become aware of when you do this so that you can change it.

Tip3 Seek to understand

Bear in mind that people don’t set out to do a bad job, be rude or dismissive, be consistently late etc. They generally do the best that they can. Once you have found out about them, aim to look at the world through the lens of their experiences beliefs and values. You may find a very different perspective.

Tips 2 and 3 will assist you to ‘work with’ people rather than ‘do to’

Tip 4 Find your purpose

For the things you do most in life, love most in life and the goals that you have, consider what they give you and for what purpose you want or do or love them.

Tip 5 Find a model

Identify someone who is person centred who you admire and want to be like. Find out how they achieved what they have achieved, how they communicate, find meaning and how they create choices. It doesn’t have to be someone you know – many of my models have written about their experiences and I have never met them in my life! Then see what you can apply to your own situation and how  – what resonates and fits with you.

Tip 6 Be outward looking

People are wonderful – seek opportunities to build relationships with many of them .You can’t really help it if you do tips 2 and 3 anyway 🙂

Tip 7 Celebrate your and other peoples achievements

Acknowledge yourself when you accomplish things every day and make sure others know how much they are valued by you for their contribution to work and /or family.

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