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8 Steps to Defining Your Leadership Standard

I was at an event the other day and was struck how obvious it is when someone is unclear on what they stand for as a leader.

If I have coached you, you may have heard me talk about your leadership standard and why it is important to have explored what you stand for as a leader.

And by leadership I mean leading in the work context, as a business owner, as a parent, in communities and of course we all lead ourselves.

Your standard of leadership is the foundation upon which our behaviour and our responses to issues and situations depend. This understandably can impact both felt and expressed emotions too. Not being able to articulate what your leadership standards are, does not mean that you don’t have them. It is usually easy to dig them out with a short conversation. It is however, difficult to rely on them, model them and teach them if this is the case.

If you have not fully explored the criteria that underpin your leadership, it may be that you don’t always respond in a consistent way. You may lack certainty or confidence. You could end up agreeing to things that in fact don’t sit well with you and may feel incongruent about the choices and decisions that you sometimes make.

So what is in the box that contains your leadership standard or criteria? Really, everything that is important to you about leadership and the way you lead. It can include values such as honesty, fairness, ethical practice and integrity. Behaviours like delegation, staff acknowledgement or enabling people to find their own solutions could be in the box as well, as could commitment to things like code of ethics, policy and codes of conduct. And there could be things in there that I haven’t thought of!

How to Articulate your Standard
  1. Grab a stack of post it notes.
  2. Write one thing that is important to you about your leadership on each sticky note. So if you have 10 things you will have 10 notes.
  3. Put them up on the wall or a window
  4. Step back and look at them
  5. Now order them in a way that makes sense to you. You may find you can begin find themes or even make sentences.
  6. Do you need to add more?
  7. Repeat this process until you can create a statement or a list of criteria that you are satisfied forms you leadership standard
  8. When you have finished, congratulate yourself and consider:
  • How does it feel to know and be able to, write tell and feel your foundation?
  • How will it change you as a leader? This could be behaviours, responses, feelings…?
  • How will others know what your standard is?

I would love it if you shared your thoughts on this.

Also to let you know my website is currently  being updated and it’s going to look great – I’m very excited! It will look very different – i.e. created by someone who knows what they are doing! And I am adding an online learning function which focuses on delivering inexpensive, fun leadership development programs for time poor people across three areas leadership – short overview below and website due to be launched in Nov. So as they say – watch this space!

Online Programs coming in February 2016

Lead yourself to wellbeing

Drawing on positive psychology and focusing on wellbeing, this is a learning and group coaching experience for those of you who want to feel connected to self. You will explore where you are going in life and why and work out how to get there.

Strengthening and Sustaining Family Harmony

This is a 6 week online learning and group coaching program for Mum’s out there like me, who are imperfect and always trying to improve! Mum’s who want fantastic communication at home (most of the time – let’s be realistic) and to consistently feel a sense of harmony and connection with your children as they enter adolescence and beyond.

Leading and Influencing in the World of Work

I have developed a Masterclass leadership development program for you, that gives you both information that has practical relevance as well as tools and strategies you can use to implement what you learn. This is supported by a 3 live webinars combined with live coaching over a six week period. There is between 5 and 10 hours of learning per week – the amount you do depends on you, on what you need and what you can manage.

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