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8 tips on how to make your team feel valued

People don’t leave organisations they leave ineffective managers or leaders…

What do people like in the work environment?

People function better when they feel connected, when they have certainty, when they have variety and when they feel valued. If they also feel they are growing and contributing, they will never leave!
People like to be rewarded for the work they do and their pay is not the biggest driver as a reward for most people who prefer
• Recognition and acknowledgement
• To feel that they matter and are valued
• To have their achievements celebrated – both publicly and privately
• To be autonomous

How can you as a leaders value your team?

Check out some ideas below:
• Set a clear standard for example for patient care and communication. Live by it and model it . Let people know you appreciate it when they consistently meet this standard.
• What you focus on is what you get – assist both the team and the individuals within it to set goals every 90 days.
• Regularly recognise and acknowledge the specific good work each team member has done, both publicly and privately…don’t reserve feedback for only the negative.
• Consult your team about planned changes before they are finalised and implemented – ask for their ideas about what and how and use some of them.
• If changes are mandatory and unavoidable, provide your team with the opportunity to decide how they will be made.
• Provide an opportunity for team members to work autonomously – show them you trust them.
• Learn their interests and family, remember what you learn and check in with them often.
• Create the opportunity for social contact within the team – including you.

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