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Hi I’m Debra Pittam, Founder of Person
Centred Leadership.

I am a leadership coach, facilitator, speaker, educator, nurse, mum, wife, friend, daughter and member of many communities including, soccer, school, business, healthcare and leadership.

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I work in a person centred way which means I work collaboratively with you, seeking to understand your view of the world and respecting your opinions and beliefs. I approach work and life from a positive psychology perspective in which wellbeing is extremely important. The definition of wellbeing that I like is from Martin Seligman and includes: experiencing positive emotions; feeling engaged; having positive relationships; finding meaning and accomplishing things. For me, Person Centred Leadership itself encompasses wellbeing.

One of my great passions is leadership and helping people develop their leadership skills and capabilities so that they can achieve their goals. I believe that great leadership improves our world.

Healthcare is my other passion and in particular, working with the Healthcare and Not for Profit Sectors specifically around leadership development, building positive teams and workplace cultures and implementing change, all of which ultimately has the potential to improve both the work experience, life experience and wellbeing. For more information about health consultancy services click here. You will find more information about personal coaching and online learning below.

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We are required to be leaders in many roles across our lives. We have to lead ourselves, we lead our families, we lead at work, and in our communities. Most people are not born with the leadership skills, knowledge and behaviors that we would like or need to have. We have to learn them.


  • Lacking purpose, vision and direction?
  • Feeling stuck in some way and don’t know how to move myself or others forward?
  • Finding myself in situations of conflict at work, at home or even within ourselves and not knowing how to manage it, or perhaps avoiding it altogether and generally feeling overwhelmed?
  • Lacking confidence in my abilities, actions, assertiveness or decision making?
  • Reluctance to ask others for help?
  • Experiencing a challenging relationship with for example my manager, team or staff member or perhaps a family member?
  • Experiencing a lack of engagement with my department / team / family or individuals?
  • Experiencing a poor workplace team or family culture?


  • Consistently live up to our own personal standards and stand up for what we believe in
  • Know where we are going in life and work and why
  • Achieve wellbeing and feel engaged and joyful at home, at work and in our communities or organisations.
  • Enhance our self-knowing and insight
  • Build our emotional intelligence
  • Maximise and work from our strengths
  • Become master delegators
  • Become fantastic communicators in times of harmony and in times of challenge
  • Work with and enable people rather than ’tell to’ and
  • Pay it forward to those that we lead as we help new leaders grow at home and at work, in business, in healthcare and in the community.

Great leadership is the gift that keeps on giving, the gift that comes full circle back to us as we learn and grow and help others do the same.


I work with mostly women who want to become the leaders they are meant to be at work, in their families and /or to improve their own wellbeing. I also work with the Healthcare and Not for Profit Sector.

The Experience I Bring to You

I bring many years’ experience as a senior leader in the health sector and as a developer of other leaders. I am an educator, facilitator, coach and clinical/coaching supervisor. I am a Registered Nurse and hold a Master’s Degree in Adult learning. I also have qualifications and experience in Leadership, Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming. I am accredited with the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach and an Accredited Extended DISC Consultant and Trainer.

Working with You

I have created 3 unique leadership development learning journeys for you that you can complete in under two hours a week:

  • Leading Yourself to Wellbeing
    A 6 week, 6 hour online learning experience. This is for those of you who want to feel that you know where you are going and what you want to experience in life and how to get there.
  • Strengthening and Sustaining Family Harmony
    A 6 week, 6 hour online learning program for those of you who would like to improve communication at home and feel a sense of harmony and connection with your children as they enter adolescence and beyond.
  • Women and Leadership
    A 12 hour online learning intensive for those of you who want to take control of your world and feel as though you are leading well across your life, have positive relationships and are regularly accomplishing things.

For those of you who would like a personal learning experience or would like to continue their leadership learning at the end of each program, a coaching package is also available.

Working with the Health Sector and Not For Profit Organisations

Leadership development services for organisations are presented in the Unlocking Potential in Organisations page.


To find out more you can call 0421 775 924
or email

If you are not sure and would like more information please feel free to request a short ebook on Person Centred Leaderships perspective on Wellbeing.

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