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An Alternative to Traditional Leadership Development Programs for Women

Women don’t only lead at work, we lead across our lives.

We lead in our families, creating a vision of how we want it to be for our children, creating family culture,  delegating, negotiating, goal setting, problem solving, conflict resolution and on and on …

We lead in our communities as volunteers, as parents and as friends.

And of course we lead at work, even when our role is not a designated leadership role.

In my experience, we often don’t believe that we are leaders, we tend not to use leadership language and others often don’t perceive us as leaders. Also I think we generally lead differently (which might explain the last point). We tend to lead in a more person centred way to traditional leadership approaches. For this reason among others, traditional leadership development programs don’t meet all of our learning needs.

I believe it’s time we embraced and made the most of our inner leader and modelled the different ways we lead to the next generation, to our children. We need to add our voices and ways of leading to the conversation about leadership.

These are the reasons I have created the online courses for women. Courses that focus on us leading ourselves and self care, leading our families and leading at work and in our careers.

Below is a link to the presentation I did at the launch of the courses – my reasoning is further explained there, as are the focus of the courses.

I invite you to check out the info on this site about them too. If you would like more information or have questions about course structure, how easy it is to use etc please do give me a call on    0421 775 924 or email

Women Need an Alternative to Traditional Leadership Development Programs


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