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Are you spending as much time planning your career as you do your holidays?

It is true that many of us spend more time and energy, dreaming about, planning and experiencing holidays than we do our careers. Imagine though if we applied the same process to our careers what difference would it make?

This is a good way to achieve a fantastic holiday  – you will probably find the process is quite familiar!

  1. Dreaming about what’s possible and then narrowing it down to exactly where we want to go and why. As Steven Covey said – beginning with the end in mind
  2. Setting a date and a time to achieve our holiday
  3. Believing in ourselves that we can do it, we can plan and book this holiday. We can have a fabulous time
  4. Putting strategies in place to move us towards it (talking to people who have been there before and getting tips, investigating and booking packages, flights, buying holiday clothes)
  5. Imagining what it will be like when we are there – what we will be doing, experiencing, enjoying – the lead up to a holiday, the anticipation, is as enjoyable as the holiday!
  6. Learning what we need to know before we go so that we can make the most of the experiences we will have and the people we will meet – back to talking to those people again
  7. Planning what exactly we will need to do and what we will need to book when we get there to make the most of our holiday
  8. And taking action every step of the way
  9. And finally getting there and enjoying the ride.

Now try applying the same steps to your career – remember to dream big. I would love to know your destination… 🙂

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