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Becoming a Person Centred Leader Part 1

I recently presented a paper about the impact of transformational coaching on person centred leadership and as I prepared for it I spent some time thinking about what other people have said and written about leadership. I looked at leaders in their field and people who have studied great leaders and leadership. I looked at the gold mine of information written by contemporary leaders who teach and write about leadership and at models and principles and laws. Across all of these contexts I found broad agreement in the importance of character in leadership. I also found the following behaviours consistently described in one way or another across most of the things I have read:

  1. Model values/ principles & exemplary behaviour
  2. Have a clear vision and purpose & personal goals and
  3. Create a shared vision, purpose & goals
  4. Help people find meaning
  5. Seek to understand and then be understood
  6. Inspire others to reach their full potential
  7. Enable individuals & teams to accomplish things
  8. ‘Work with’ people rather than ‘do to’
  9. Recognise and celebrate good work

The interesting thing about this to me is how well these behaviours relate to person centredness.
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So How do Leaders Become Great?

  • Most great leaders had to learn how to lead effectively
    They consistently seek to continue to learn – they have a growth mindset
  • Leadership is about character and behaviour, so learning in leadership involves personal development as well as professional skill based development
  • Great leaders help others grow to be great leaders

So learning is the key, which is why this is the first in a 10 part series that will address each of the 9 behaviours described here for the purpose of assisting you to improve your performance and reach your goals in life and work.

Watch this space :-)

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