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Becoming a Person Centred Leader Part 8: Inspire Others to Reach Their Full Potential

Thanks to those of you who have been following this series and for taking the time to read my blog  🙂 There are 3 to go!

There is a lot written in the leadership literature about inspiring others.  Literally or perhaps medically, inspire, or inspiration means to breathe in – in the leadership context, breathing life into maybe? Perhaps this is because feeling inspired is a wonderful feeling. We will surely follow the leader who helps us create or find that feeling to such an extent that we want to excel and reach and our full potential every day.

So how do leaders do this?

I was lucky enough recently to work with a colleague who is very inspirational both to me and to others as a leader and I have done some thinking about the qualities she has. She:

  • Knows who she is and what she stands for. She has a set of standards and values lives by them.
  • Has a philosophy that she lives by and works by.
  • Has a vision of the future – she knows where she is going and why. She herself is inspired.
  • Has unshakeable integrity.
  • She is a great role model – sets a great example to others.
  • Is an excellent communicator – high EQ and person centred – she listens to understand and she respects others
  • Openly knows what she doesn’t know, says that she doesn’t know and seeks to gain new knowledge.
  • Asks for help when she needs it.
  • Has courage.
  • Is genuinely interested in and cares about people
  • Consistently builds professional relationships with a range of people
  • Is generous with her time and her knowledge – she shares to help others grow and succeed and she wants them to succeed – it’s part of her philosophy
  • Is approachable and reliable

I would love to hear some of your examples.

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