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Would You Consider Hiring a 50 Plus Woman In a Leadership Role? It Would Be a Shame Not To

Here is my assertion. Women in the 50 plus age bracket are an untapped resource in the leadership space across industries. Even if they have never been in a senior paid leadership role. Older Women have a lot to contribute. That is not to say that younger women or older men are not also fantastic Read More

Is Your View Of Feedback Helping Or Hindering Your Learning And Growth?

What are the first words that come into your head when you think about Giving feedback? Receiving feedback? David Rock (2008) tell us that when we hear the word ‘feedback’ our brain responds as though someone is walking behind us down a dark alley. Do you answers to the above questions reflect that? Feedback, both Read More

Poem: Women, We Are Enough

Both the ceilings and our feelings are made of glass. One tempered , seemly difficult to break, The other crystal and easily shattered.   Self doubt, imposter syndrome, Need to learn more, must tick all the boxes. Failure means not good enough. Too timid, too bold, Too young, too old.   We must change and Read More

Extended DISC Workshops Now Available

Offering Two Extended DISC Workshop Options A Half Day Introduction to Extended DISC: How to Create a Shared Understanding and Enhance Communication Between Individuals and Within Teams: Half-Day Workshop: duration 4 hours Workshop can be delivered to up to 30 people Cost $199 per person plus GST or $1100 plus GST for 6 – 15 Read More

De-motivation and Procrastination: 2 Pre Exercise Companions We Don’t Want!

This is an article I wrote for my local gym. A little different from my normal posts, but still related to leading self and wellbeing. Do you plan to exercise and always follow through? Do you always eat the right things, drink the right things, do the right things? If you answered yes, no need to Read More

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