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A Personal Overview of Person Centred Leadership

This mandala describes how I perceive person centred leadership. This framework underpins how I go out into the world both personally (as you can’t separate personhood from leadership) and in relation to both how I approach coaching, leadership and leadership development. As you can see there are two aspects to it: personal elements and practical Read More

What Do You Stand For as a Leader?

In my coaching work I notice that sometimes leaders can have difficulty articulating what they stand for. This can be problematic because if you can’t express where you are leading people too and why, how you expect them to get there and how you expect them to behave, all you can do is tell people what Read More

8 Key Things to Expect from an Executive or Leadership Coach

I find when I am beginning a coaching relationship with a coachee – especially if they haven’t personally sought coaching (e.g. if coaching has been suggested by a manager or is a mandatory part of a leadership development program) that people often don’t know what to expect. This can result initially and understandably in defensiveness, Read More

Feedback: love it or dread it?

What are the first words that come into your head when you think about Giving feedback? Receiving feedback? David Rock (2008) tell us that when we hear the word ‘feedback’ our brain responds as though someone is walking behind us down a dark alley. Do you answers to the above questions reflect that? Feedback, both Read More

What lies ahead for your career this year?

As we get to this time of year, a whole load of achievements behind us and a new year ahead, it is a good time to think about what next. In Australia many are heading for a summer break from work and this can often be a catalyst to considering where next in career. I Read More

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