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10 Tips To Get The Most From Your 360 Feedback

360 feedback can be an anxiety provoking experience. Having undertaken the assessment myself a few times and also facilitated and coached many people through theirs, I have noticed that the mindset you adopt about both the process and the content is key to your perspective, your reactions, your learning and how much value you gain Read More

Do you know your values?

I am currently in the process of having conversations with a range of women for a book I am writing called Women with Heart. The women I have the privilege to speak with are extraordinary women who are invested in what they do, who care and have integrity. These are not high profile women though; Read More

Do You Need More Connection in Your Life?

One of the joys of working at home is that I get to check on my friend’s puppy! And as I sit here with said Puppy, it makes me think about connection. What I know about connection, is that just as the puppy needs it, so do we all. It is central to our well-being Read More

What is Your Biggest Learning From Failure?

Today I have been transcribing interviews I conducted with some incredible wise and authentic women for my book Women with Heart (to be finished in the fullness of time!). This came through loud and clear as a theme. When you fail (and we all do), be patient and kind to yourself, especially when you are Read More

Would You Consider Hiring a 50 Plus Woman In a Leadership Role? It Would Be a Shame Not To

Here is my assertion. Women in the 50 plus age bracket are an untapped resource in the leadership space across industries. Even if they have never been in a senior paid leadership role. Older Women have a lot to contribute. That is not to say that younger women or older men are not also fantastic Read More

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