Finding Purpose and Meaning in Mid Life

If you are between 45 and 55 you have 10 – 20 years of work ahead of you. Do you have career goals and a plan to help you gain satisfaction and find meaning and purpose in the working years ahead and beyond? Many people I speak to don’t. Some are waiting for retirement and Read More

Ladies: Watch Your Language

I was recently leading a project that has a very successful outcome in a very short timeframe. A colleague complemented me on it. I said, “It wasn’t just me, I couldn’t have done it without all of help and cooperation I received from the team and the stakeholders too”. He responded that it is so Read More

Poem: The Others

So many various varied people in the world. Each of us has a story that you can’t see from the outside. A story that you could not guess no matter how many assumptions you make. We ‘other’ others because they are not like us. We separate ourselves from them, Fear, judge, dislike and vilify them, Read More

Women in Leadership: the Untapped Power of the Over 50’s

Perhaps because I fit the demographic, I have been noticing of late in the media, (social and otherwise), through conversations with clients, friends and colleagues, that women in the 50 plus age bracket are under appreciated and underused in the leadership space across industries. This may be because of time taken off due to caring Read More

10 Tips To Get The Most From Your 360 Feedback

360 feedback can be an anxiety provoking experience. Having undertaken the assessment myself a few times and also facilitated and coached many people through theirs, I have noticed that the mindset you adopt about both the process and the content is key to your perspective, your reactions, your learning and how much value you gain Read More

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