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Connecting with others: an important aspect of leadership

There are a lot of articles around at the moment about promoting staff engagement, accountability and passion (see some of my recent tweets for some good articles). Connecting with those we work with at all levels is an  important factor in this. It helps people feel valued and engaged and promotes wellbeing. There are some ideas below on connecting with others and I would love to know how you do it too.

  1. Be genuinely curious about peoples’ wellbeing. Learn about them – their interests and family, remember what you learn and check in with them often.
  2. Create the opportunity for social contact within the team – and go along as well.
  3. Find out what the long term goals and aspirations are for the people you work with.
  4. Make sure that team members spend time doing things they are good at and give feedback – help people grow though your connection towards where they want to be in the future.
  5. Recognise and celebrate good work.
  6. …and finally – always seek to understand – be mindful of making assumptions

And the best bit is that regular connection with others in your team will enhance your feeling of wellbeing too.

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