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De-motivation and Procrastination: 2 Pre Exercise Companions We Don’t Want!

This is an article I wrote for my local gym. A little different from my normal posts, but still related to leading self and wellbeing.

Do you plan to exercise and always follow through?

Do you always eat the right things, drink the right things, do the right things?

If you answered yes, no need to read on 🙂 If you answered sometimes, then this article is for you!

First of all, lets give ourselves a break for being human and not always doing the right thing. Balance is more important for wellbeing, than perfection. That said, how can we conspire for our own success around making healthy choices most of the time? Try these mindset tips:

  • This first one is the key and you have probably heard it before and may have even done it. Set yourself a goal.

But not a simple goal (the most common kind). For example:

  • ‘To eat more healthily’ or ‘To lose 5 kilo’s” are not specific enough
  • ‘To reduce the risk of poor health” moves you away from what you don’t want but gives you nothing to aim for.

Rather, it is important that the goal be compelling and exciting and real. So get a piece of paper and write a timeframe on it – 3, 6 or 12 months. Now begin to write the goal as if it has already happened. Begin with the sentence ‘It is [insert future date] and I am…

Now write down how it will be health and fitness wise for you by that date: How will you feel? What will are you able to do better than you can do now? What will people be telling you? What will you be noticing about yourself? What will you be wearing? What health improvements will you have achieved?

Now you have a specific and measurable goal. Check back with the timeframe, is it achievable? If not, change the date, or revise the goal until it is.

Finally answer this question: For what purpose do you want to achieve this goal? What will the achievement of it give you?

Now moving forward…

  • If you fall off, if you fail, treat yourself as you would your best friend. Compassion is a better motivator than hard heartedness.
  • Make a small decision towards your goal every day e.g.
    • Decide to put your exercise gear on when you get up in the morning
    • Decide to walk for 5 minutes
    • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Give yourself a nudge; persuade friends to join you in either your goal or your activities.
  • Finally, notice your successes not matter how small they may seem. Success is a great motivator, so hunt for them, celebrate them!
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