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Do You Find Delegation Difficult?… Read on

As managers and leaders there are always things we could and should delegate and sometimes we just don’t. We can resist delegation for a range of reasons including:
Barriers to Delegation 

  1. An unconscious fear of losing control e.g. work, timeframes, quality, outcomes
  2. Feeling that the job would not be done the way we would do it
  3. A fear that the job wouldn’t be done to our standards
  4. Concern about giving already overworked people more work to do
  5. We are not sure what or how to delegate?

Is any of this ringing a bell for you?

Let’s reframe delegation from something we know we should to reduce or better manage our workload and view it through the lens of leadership instead.

  • Imagine that you consistently and effectively delegate a range of tasks and responsibilities and as a result:
  • You are enabling people develop knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  • You are enabling people to learn things they can use to advance their careers
  • People are feeling empowered and valued
  • And if you look at these outcomes through the lens of wellbeing described by Martin Seligman as experiencing positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, finding meaning and accomplishing things, you can see that effective delegation can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

Look back now at the 5 barriers to delegation. How has this changed your perspective and perhaps willingness to delegate more?
If you would like to improve your own wellbeing please check out the online course Lead Yourself to Wellbeing by clicking on the Wellbeing tab above. You can do it in your own time from the comfort of your armchair in as little as 6 weeks!It would be great to hear your comments on delegation, especially tips and tricks for a successful outcome.

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