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Finding Gratitude in Both Joy and Sadness

Every evening my son and I do “three things”. These are three things (and often more) in each of our days that we are grateful for. We love doing it and it always ends our day on a positive, even if some life’s challenges sneak in too.
Every few moths I make a space to stop and look back to consider the bigger picture around what I am grateful for. I think about my family and my friends and what has happened with us all during the past few months and over years. Of course there are many things as I look back that have been amazing and wonderful. Sometimes though, things have happened to me and to them that make me feel sad. Life does not always go smoothly. Sometimes things happen that are hard.

If I didn’t have these people in my life, family, pets, old friends and new I wouldn’t feel sad and for that reason feeling sad is ok and I am grateful for it. As I am grateful for them. And writing this reminds me that I must let them know that.

Who are you grateful for?

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