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How Consumers Experience Services, Brand and Culture



Defined values describe what is important to a business or organisation, what it stands for and how it wants to be perceived. The way values are lived through peoples attitudes and behaviours, are the medium through which your consumers experience your services, your brand and your culture.

We all interact with many businesses and organisations every day and we may not know what their values are. If we think about some of them though we can hazard a guess. One business I use provides great value, has integrity, always goes the extra mile and is consistent. I would recommend it to anyone. Another is good at selling but once you have engaged, provides an inconsistent service and is an abrupt communicator. Which would you rather deal with? Where would you rather work?

The first business obviously has a set of values, a standard for their services. The important thing for this business is to make sure this is articulated, documented, used and regularly talked about both with existing and new employees. Only this will keep it alive and make sure that the way things are done every day reflect the standard.

The other business though, either doesn’t have values or a standard for its services, or if it does and it has lost sight of them. When values and the expected behaviours around them are not clear, it reduces certainty and makes it difficult for employees to be consistent. It is also hard for them understand what is expected in terms of the way they do their work. The resulting impact on culture can be negative for staff and consumers and costly for the business or organisation.

If you were to ask your consumers what they think your values and your standard of service are, what do you think they would say? What about your staff?

If you would like to explore your values or your staff/consumers experience in relation to them, please call 0421 775 924 or email me at

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