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How Have You Failed This Week?

If you have failed this week then I congratulate you! If you have been challenged, have failed, been rejected, feel as though you are just not good enough, then you are out there giving it a go, whatever ‘it’ is for you. You are not just waiting for good things to happen to you, you are taking control and taking some risks to achieve your goals. That takes courage and demands respect.

Two things about this interest me about how women do this, how you do this?

  1. How do you regroup, pick yourself up and try again. This is resilience and persistence, and is an achievement in itself. So take some time to notice how you do that and how you keep doing it every time. Then how do you acknowledge yourself?
  2. How do you capture what you learn and how do you apply it?

I would love to hear your insights about this – please comment in the box below and let’s have a conversation!

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