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Do You Need More Connection in Your Life?

One of the joys of working at home is that I get to check on my friend’s puppy! And as I sit here with said Puppy, it makes me think about connection.

What I know about connection, is that just as the puppy needs it, so do we all. It is central to our well-being and according to the research I have read, it is important for our longevity too.

Across interviews I conducted with a range of women for my book Women with Heart, so far connection has been a recurring theme. So I know connection is hugely important and we must pay attention to our and others need for it.

I know it doesn’t necessarily take much time in a day or a week to fuel our personal feeling of connection or that of others. Often a few moments are enough. It does however take effort and intention.

There are many kinds of connection and it occurs and across a range of relationships: family, friends, co-workers, and teammates. Also we can feel connection through animals and nature. You may identify with others. The depth of connection varies across all of these too.

Connection matters across a range of contexts including school, work, community and sport. I’m sure you can think more here too.

The strong connections we make in life, persist across time and distance.

I know that a sense of disconnection can feel devastating.

Implicit within connection is openness, kindness, empathy, thoughtfulness, fun, appreciation and effort. Also when necessary, compassion and lack of judgement are required too.

A feeling of connection can happen with a stranger over a shared interest or passion. The woman in the vet’s office with the beautiful Dalmatian cross, I am thinking of you.

And to go full circle from where I began this conversation, connections can happen with other people’s pets too. Examples: the aforementioned Dalmatian and of course the puppy.

The purpose of this post is really to remind us to stop for a moment and seek to create and perpetuate connection. So I will finish this post with 2 questions for you to consider:

  • How can you reach out today to meet your need for connection and at the same time meet someone else’s?


  • If you are a leader, how can you foster connection in your workplace?

I would love to hear you thoughts about connection in the comments.


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