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Why Feeling Grateful is so Important

I have noticed a lot of people talking about gratitude and listing what they are grateful for in social media lately and this is so wonderful.

Why do I say it’s wonderful? Why is it worth taking the time to be grateful?

My son (aged 7) and I do our ‘three things’ we are each grateful for every night and the first one is always is hug we’re having 🙂. We call them our grateful and they help both of us connect to each other and we finish the day on a positive no matter what challenges the day has brought.  It sets up our mindset to begin the fresh day well. Even writing it makes me smile.

Martin Seligman, the guru of positive psychology calls it hunting the good stuff (in his book Flourish). He says that regularly feeling and expressing gratitude benefits our health, sleep and well-being It also benefits our relationships and performance. I think those are pretty good reasons to seek things to be grateful for.

There are many ways we can express gratitude that I can think of. You can probably think of many more:

  • In a journal
  • On a whiteboard or chalk board – create a gratitude wall
  • With your children
  • With your partner
  • With friends
  • Try it at work! Share your appreciation for others.
  • And of course social media which inspired this post in the first place.

Remember, it’s important to really connect with the feeling when you share it in person or write it down.

And I would love to know, what are you grateful for?

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