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Why it is Important to Know Your Purpose Values and Beliefs

Looking back on the wonderful leaders I have worked with it is clear that every single one of them know what they stand for as a leader. What I mean by that is, they know what kind of workplace they are aiming for and how they want people to feel about it. They know the standard of service and the results they expect to be delivered and the behaviours that will support that. They know what their values are and are uncomfortable when they are violated.

However, many leaders have difficulty articulating this standard. This is problematic in leadership because if you can’t express where you are leading people too, why and how you expect them to get there, all you can do is tell people what you don’t want.

Similarly a lack of awareness of purpose, beliefs, values and goals, if it occurs in our personal lives can limit us from reaching our true potential. It can create in us the habit of moving away from what we don’t want rather than towards what we do. For example, you may be stuck with beliefs that are no longer relevant. You may be living incongruently with your values and feeling uncomfortable, out of sync. You may be going round and round, rather than moving forward and if you are not true to your purpose you may feel a lack of satisfaction. All of this could have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

The good news is that creating self awareness around this is not hard. It is likely your values and beliefs have always driven the kind of work you have done or are attracted to, the battles you  fight, or would like to, the friends you choose and what you spend your money on.

Identifying your purpose is a bit more difficult, but for all of this work luckily there are many books, courses and coaches around to help.

Once you have created your personal purpose, values, beliers and goals, it will be easier for you to create your leadership standard too.

I would love to know your thoughts and experiences on this.

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